Candy Gets Hungry #13: streats hong kong cafe at Bedok Mall

7 September 2017

Hello from Singapore! It's 2pm right now and I'm very very full from breakfast so I've decided to write about some random eateries I've recently savoured. For today, our star is this Streats Hong Kong Cafe at Bedok Mall. They're probably all over Singapore but it's my first time trying so allow me to document my experience with this random short review haha. 

Here's how the front of the shop looks like. One of the reasons why we ate here is primarily because the Bedok food court nearby was closed for cleaning (thank goodness it's opened now!) and also cause I'm staying nearby (was feeling lazy to go any further too) and craving for some decent cantonese food.

 Their wall decor has this nature cottage-theme style to it.(im so bad at describing decor, I know) Super cute teddy bears here and there too!

I think they've been opened for quite some time already but since this promotion is still on, might as well make use of it la. So for the promo, you can choose from 3 mains and you'll also get a lime tea cooler for $11.80. 

HK Fried XO Seafood Noodles

We got the HK Fried XO Seafood Noodles from the set lunch. The lime tea was a little fizzy but  also quite refreshing if you're feeling a little heaty.

If it's your first time here, I recommend getting this! I didn't order this for myself because I was afraid that it'll be too spicy for my sore throat to handle, but nope! Although the spiciness is there, it was still bearable for me and it's also pretty tasty. For an $11.80 set lunch, you get all that seafood, I think it's quite worth it la. The three prawns were big and fresh, the mussels weren't as large as the ones I had in Australia but for SG, they're quite decent in size I guess?

Seafood Vermicelli (Gravy) - 10.80$

If you're looking for a very home-cooked comfort-food-style meal, I guess you wouldn't mind this. For me, I guess because I saw the menu picture wrongly, I expected this to be more like the cantonese "wat dan hor" style noodles with thick egg gravy but it looked more like vermicelli in soup ^^" 

Probably because I was wow-ing at the XO seafood noodles, my expectations on this dish was quite up there. So when the dish arrived, I was pretty bummed out. I also felt that it was so extra for them to cut my prawns into tiny pieces?? What's wrong with serving them whole unless they're having a shortage for prawns lol. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed eating this la. T_T Should've just ordered the XO seafood noodles for myself instead of worrying about my sore throat. 

Apart from this, I've also ordered an iced milk tea for $3.80. Which tasted quite ok, not too sweet after the ice melted, so just nice. 

- O v e r a l l   T h o u g h t s -

The XO Seafood Noodles is kinda on the borderline of too salty but I still find it quite yummy. Seafood from that dish seemed pretty generous for the price and tasted pretty fresh. Definitely would re-order that if I dine there again. 

As for the Seafood Vermicelli, like I said, it's not a dish for everyone. It doesn't taste horrible, it was well seasoned and all just that presentation and overall just looked and tasted pretty meh. T_T (to be honest I think the main reason I don't like the dish is because it reminded me of those instant packet mee hoon soup you can buy in supermarkets leh *sobs*) 

I guess that's it for this posting! Bye! Gonna go stuff myself with more food I can find in Singapore now!

Streats Hong Kong Cafe

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Rd
Singapore 467360

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