Candy Gets Hungry #12: NanYang Food Garden @ KLIA 2

26 August 2017

Helloooo! I'm currently at Singapore and it's 4AM now. I have another flight to catch in 5 hours time and I have no idea why but I'm pretty wide awake right now soooooo I figured I might as well do a quick 'Candy Gets Hungry' posting, hopefully i'd get sleepy halfway writing this!

So while trying to kill time at KLIA 2 before our flight to Singapore earlier yesterday, we passed by this restaurant called NanYang Food Garden. (exact location at the end of post) and all of a sudden we were all craving for some chicken rice. The restaurant had quite a number of seating area. You could choose to sit inside the restaurant itself or outside (air conditioned). We chose to sit outside as the seats seemed comfier. 

Once we're set that we wanted only chicken rice and a drink, we ordered and paid at the counter then headed to our table to wait for our food. The Steamed Chicken rice is RM17.90 each.

and waited...
and waited...

half an hour later...

our chicken rice finally shows itself!

We ordered two of the same and requested for chicken thigh. I'm pleased that the bone has been removed too. I know it's common in Singapore to get boneless chicken rice but in Malaysia, we kinda still get bones unless we specify it :o

Perhaps because we have been kept waiting so so long for chicken rice in an airport, the food tasted quite good? My sister loved it so much though! I find it alrightttt? Although I know RM17.90 for chicken rice sounds ridiculous but for air port wise I guess it's still acceptable la, plus they gave you bean sprouts and fish balls also leh. I did find the gravy a tiny bit too salty though! Other than that I'm quite satisfied. Only downside to this was really just the waiting time. So if you're in a rush, you might want to consider dining somewhere else.

Xi Mut milk tea - RM6.50. I don't really have much to comment about this but I guess personally I find this a little too bland for my liking. :') I have a sweet tooth hahaha

Overall thoughts:
I think the best way to describe this place is that this restaurant's food prices are very similar to Papparich but 10x better in quality. I also noticed how everyone else's food came in a proper plate but my chicken rice was served in a plastic tray....? :( Also wished they could improve on their speed to deliver the food. Waiting 30 mins for chicken rice just sounded too long la. 

Other than that I think this place is somewhere worth trying if you ever find yourself in KLIA 2 with a lot of time to kill and am clueless regarding what to eat

Alright I'm gonna tryyyy to get some sleep now! 

Good night!

Nanyang Food Garden,

L2M-17 & 18, Gateway@KLIA2 mall

Opens 24 Hours

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