Working at my own pace

20 July 2017

It's officially 8 days to my final year exhibition. To be honest, I'm nowhere near done with my projects. At this point, I'm just going with the flow and working at my own pace. There's so much to do but trying to match everyone else's pace is just going to put myself in a deeper level of stress.

There isn't much about this posting, nothing informative and all, just a simple note to self to remind myself that no matter what the outcome is, it's okay. I'm quite proud to say that I've never failed a subject in college and I've always been afraid of failing anything during the past few semesters. I had no chill at all. Though, everything just kinda changed this semester. My health have been utterly horrible this semester. Being on a three week medical leave felt so great that it's totally killed all my hardworking vibes. So here I am just facing the consequences of 'me trying to take it easy for once' in my final semester. ha ha ha ha ha. why do I try such things in the last semester omg.

Alright enough rants, I've poured enough words to relief some stress. Writing and scribbling reduces stress for me. There's a reason why my posts are so heavy text. (half of the time I'm always stressed out) I just don't seem like it cause I laugh at almost everything. Anyways, time to go back to figuring how to brand myself and try my best to complete everything asap so I can find time to re-colour my hair T_T The thing with having rainbow hair, you start panicking if switching colours would be costly too. Still wondering what colour I should get next, pink? Balayage blonde? Or should I just go back to a one head basic brown. I'll figure it out soon.

Until next time!

*this post is not proof-read and is purely me rambling to get through the semester. Please excuse all grammar errors*

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