Caffeine paradise - Malaysia Coffee Fest 2017 at KLCC

28 May 2017

If you ask me what is my life saver beverage when I'm TRYING to meet deadlines at 3AM, I'll definitely say a strong cup of latte. Although I won't call myself a picky coffee drinker, I do find myself returning to certain places just for the coffee. So when I was invited to a festival dedicated to coffee at KLCC couple weeks back, I was totally up for it. Also dragged a few of my kawans together since we're all in need of good coffee to fight our assignments haha

Upon entering the hall, we were greeted by booths and booths of vendors ranging from coffee to tea to appliances etc.

For an event dedicated to coffee, they sure had a variety of activities ready for the fellow enthusiasts! Here we have their Coffee Clinic, a segment dedicated to your perfect coffee 101. A small panel where guests are welcomed to take a seat and learn more about coffee. 

For those interested in brewing the perfect cup of coffee, dreams to be a barista or simply finds fascination towards the beauty of latte art, Barista Guild Asia might just be the perfect place for you to pursue that dream! (photo credit: CEMS)

Now what's a coffee festival without a latte art showdown right? The very first Malaysia Open Latte Art Championship 2017 and Malaysia Open Barista Championship 2017 was held at the festival where talented baristas showcase their best latte creativity  and barista skills! (photo credit: CEMS)

To add on the vibes, there was also a live performance at the Music Cafe! (photo credit: CEMS)

Now that I've covered some of the highlights, here's some booths at the festival that caught my attention. First up we have Starbucks! As a basic Starbucks drinker, I never really knew that Starbucks offered such a variety of coffee blends! (photo credit: CEMS)

If you think this was just a festival for coffee, you'd be as surprised as me to find a decent number of vendors introducing their specialty teas! In fact, I might've drank more tea than coffee that day! :o (photo credit: CEMS)

The next booth had a number of interesting teas to offer.

We tried one called Jane The Queen. It has a slight hint of sweetness to it and I'd say the tea does give a calming sensation to one. 

Told you this festival had more than just coffee, here our kawan Joshua got tempted by Thai milk tea by Mon Chaang. 

Green Tea Thai Milk Tea! 

Next we stumbled across the Magnolia booth. I've tried a few cups of coffee at the festival but no vendor matched the latte crafted at the Magnolia booth!!

Barista at work! 

I know that the most important part about coffee is the coffee beans/brewing method but to be honest, the type of milk used plays a huge role too!

Some of the best pairings to go with a good cup of coffee are yummy pastries. Croisserie offers a variety of fine pastries! 

Look at this strawberry topped Fragola Tart, looks super yummy right! Unfortunately, due to wallet constraints, we did not try it :')

This vendor had a minimalist concept which I'm really liking!

Right next to the booth earlier was Thirst Magazine's booth. 

One thing I love about attending events and festivals is coming across things I've never seen before. Like how I never knew that there was a magazine dedicated to all things beverage! Interesting right? :o

Over at the Prana Chai booth is where I've had my first cup of Masala tea. 

I've heard a lot about Masala tea but I never knew what it was or how it taste like :o Here at Prana Chai's booth we tried their Masala blend chilled and hot. The chilled one was served with milk while the hot one was served with soy milk instead. Personally I prefer it with soy! The taste was really something unexpected, with the perfect blend of natural spices used the taste was really refreshing and calming at the same time. 

Those interested could also purchase this set at the festival!

Of course there's also a variety of local coffee vendors at the festival.

I particularly like their Hazelnut White Coffee chilled

coffee cups

Tried their Matcha Chai Tea as well

Although I'm a multimedia design student, I do take note to snap some photos of packaging that catches my eye. These boxes of tea are some of the few that caught my attention!

More latte art

After trying all the fine coffee at the festival, coffee enthusiasts could also drop by Mister Coffee to purchase their very own coffee machine.

After touring around the festival, we head over to feed our hunger at their Food Truck Fiesta section.

I was especially excited to see La Famiglia's food truck here since I've been eager to try their pastas for quite some time already!

Funny how I had no idea that I was suppose to purchase coupons to pay for my food haha! When I saw the previous customer paying with coupons I thought it was because he was a staff on duty or something haha

Here we have one of La Famiglia's best sellers 'Boss Pasta' RM15. Although the price shocked me a little, the taste and portion was pretty decent so I'd say this passed my expectations! 

The next thing we had was this fries and wedges with fried chicken combo. I can't remember how much this costs but this took forever to prepare and it was totally not worth the wait at all. :( We also ordered some nachos to share but I was so hungry that I forgot to snap a photo before we started eating ahahah

That sums up my experience at Malaysia's first ever Coffee Fest! Thank you for the invite! Can't wait to visit another coffee festival like this in 2018! 

*PS. I'm actually very sick right now, so postings will be slightly delayed T_T I don't recall ever being so sick to the point where I've missed close to two weeks of classes and barely having the strength to work on my assignments or blog posts T_T So much catching up to do haih

Until next time!

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