Butterfly Project turns 4!

7 May 2017

Happy birthday Butterfly Project!! I still remember that it was when I got my first advertorial offer that I discovered this lovely community Tammy founded. Since the day I've joined, I've always enjoyed meeting butterflies at events! And now that they've recently turned 4, I'm glad to be able to attend their birthday party at Hello Deer, Uptown Damansara. Plus we all got a box of goodies from our lovely sponsor, Jerlynn'L! Jerlynn'L is a personal care brand created out of love to suit all age groups. To read more about what I got from them, check out my blog post here for an unboxing review! 

P.S Thank you so much Eros for taking so many bomb photos during the party!! I've used a few of his photos in this post too! OH AND, remember to check out his blog too! Absolutely love all his photos and especially the flat lays!♥

Here's where the party was held! A nice event space above Wondermilk Uptown!

All the gift boxes ready for our live unboxing session at the party!!

Jerlynn'L products displays are super pretty too!

Here with me is Zoelie! I first met her during my first event as a Butterfly Blogger and it was great meeting her again!! We should meet up more often pls!  From the way we're dressed you could probably already guess that the event was garden themed and the dress code was a flower crown and something yellow. Seeing that I'll never be able to pull off a full yellow dress, I was glad that I was lucky enough to find this yellow top at Monki two days before the event! And to Sam, if you're reading this, thank you so much for lending me this flower crown! You're a lifesaver girl!! ♥ 

As soon as the party begins, all of us took our seats.

Leonard was the emcee for this event!

Here we have our super cute mamasan Tammy! 

Introduction to Jerlynn'L products!

Super yellow group photo with all the butterfly bloggers! 

The unboxing session was an exciting one! Everyone was either on facebook live/instagram live/instagram stories/snapchat/vlogging etc! Here's me snapping photos of my goodies after my instastory unboxing haha

After our live unboxing event, each of us were given this Ice Cream Air Freshener too. Smells super good btw!

What comes after our super kanchiong unboxing session? Food! The food was the same menu from the christmas party last year so the moment I saw the meatballs, I knew I wanted two ahhaha

Whats a party without yellow cupcakes to match our theme!

More treats!

Super love this butter cookie! I even saved mine to bring home and share it with my sis!

Met more beautiful butterflies during the party but sadly I didn't manage to get any photos with them :c halfway through the party, the power actually went out but the heat was still bearable so the party went on as planned :> Once again thank you so much Tammy for creating this beautiful community and letting me be part of this! I'm sure most of us butterflies also feel super grateful for all the opportunities The Butterfly Project has given us. Plus I probably wouldn't have met so many beauty enthusiasts if it weren't for the Butterfly Project!!

Thank you Jerlynn'L for the lovely goodies!
Thank you Tammy for hosting this party!
Thank you Leonard for being a humorous emcee!
Thank you Eros for the event photos! 
Thank you Butterfly Project


Thanks for reading this long post! Currently having a few posts on queue so stay tuned for more! And I really can't wait to see everyone again T v T Really wish I could've stayed longer that day T.T


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