Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup - 120 creamy ivory review

19 April 2017

Morning everyone! I'm finally writing about my thoughts on another liquid foundation I've been trying out lately, and its the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup in the shade 120 Creamy Ivory. To be honest, I did get this by mistake as I originally wanted the mini under-eye concealer instead. Long story short, I got the wrong foundation due to my lack of research. But hey, I guess I get to review something less popular on the internet, right? Anyways, since I've already spent my money on it, I figure I'd might as well give it a chance. 

So to get the product out, you're suppose to twist the red collar (?)

we're getting something. For those wondering about hygiene, the applicator is protected by an anti- microbial system. But let's be real, it's pretty sad that we can't literally wash the applicator.

ok we got something now

Here's a quick allergy/swatch test. I try my best to test face products on my hands first, that way it reduces the possibility of having a rash all over my face or something. So on the left we have 0 product and from the picture, we can tell that it's very obvious that we have foundation on the right. So now let's see my face's condition.

Personally I have some face discolouration issues especially around my nose area. Asides of that I also have stress acne issues. 

Look at them T.T Super jealous of those with smooth baby butt skin!!

I applied a fair amount. Though because it's pretty light weight, I think this amount was fine.

Not blended yet but we can see that from a few of my acne scars peeking through slightly, this is a sheer-medium coverage foundation.

After blending the foundation all over my face, my only comment is...

I can see why this isn't hyped upon.

Final Verdict:
As one with combi-skin type, this foundation definitely belongs to the oilier range. It goes on quite streaky with the applicator but blending was fairly easy because it doesn't dry down fast, or in fact, at all. Meaning, I had to set it with powder. If I were to leave the house forgetting to set the foundation, it'll be a disaster. Also I think this shade is probably one shade lighter than my skin tone. Although this isn't very visible in the photos, but in real life, it does seem slightly lighter, but as long as I have the rest of the makeup on, this is still workable.

The photos you see above are from my first experience using this foundation, the amount that went on my face was fairly nice and coverage was pretty decent as well. However, for odd reasons, many times using it after that day, the foundation coverage just seemed to get lighter and lighter. It's as if the foundation gradually goes from a medium to sheer coverage foundation to an all round sheer coverage foundation. Something I'm really not a fan of. 

 Price wise, I think for a drugstore liquid foundation that is retailing for $12.99 USD, it's not exactly cheap, but the main question is....

would I repurchase? 
I don't think so. 

The foundation does not dry up my skin or cause any flakiness like most face makeup do, but it does get pretty oily and simply just disappear throughout the day. So overall, this isn't something I'm a fan of. However if you're a fan of it, I'm glad it worked for you! :) Your money is well spent! :D

------ x ------
On the side note, my internship has ended and my freelance work is almost complete. All health related problems are kinda stable as well so all is good. I have also just stepped into the first week of my final semester in college, hopefully this goes well. 

Can't wait to share more! Until next time!


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