The Butterfly Project Christmas Cupcake party + kinda Althea Addiction #4

23 December 2016

Christmas is around the corner and this year was a little different from the previous years. Last Sunday was a super packed day for me, in the morning I went for an education fair with Peggy & Mandy, at noon I attended Butterfly Project's Christmas party, and after that I went to Kepong's night market with Peggy and Mandy! After night market, me and Peggy even decided to catch an impromptu movie at Tropicana City Mall! IT WAS SUPER TIRING. But all was worth it! 

Anyways, today's post is about what went on at Butterfly Project's christmas party! Photo above as well as the +Wondermilk one below was taken by Yuri. Thank you so much for capturing pretty photos throughout the event! 

I actually don't know where to start with this post but first things first, thank you so much to our Butterfly mamasan, Tammy for organizing this Christmas Cupcake party along with Sydney, Bo, Ella, Mierah, & Leonard. It's my first time participating in a Butterfly event and I was really glad I've decided to join the party because I had lots of fun meeting so many new friends! 

 I arrived slightly earlier than the others and the only one I knew that was attending the event was Ann Sze (whom I met 3 days before the party haha) so I was starting to panic a little bit because she wasn't there yet. However I was really glad that in the end I managed to make so many new blogger/youtuber friends like Kathy(my secret santa ), Mierah (I'm her secret santa haha), Dash, Ridley, Eros, Venny, Sharon, Mable, Nicole, Fatin, and Leona. Also, really happy to see Anis again! Met her during my first ever blogging event and was glad to see her again! To everyone I've just met at the party, please forgive this caterpillar that seemed slightly shy or awkward when trying to make friends haha. Really hope to see everyone more often and get to know everyone better!

When I entered Wondermilk (and after I've settled down my nervousness haha) I saw so many goodie bags everywhere and I just wanted to bring everything home! By the way, stay for the entire blog post to see what I goodies I got from the party! 

Now of course, whats a party without food right? I was super hungry when I got there so as soon as all the food was out and more butterflies have arrived, I helped myself with all the food I want ahaha. PS. the cookies were butter cookies and tasted super duper good! Attempted some food photography below too! ^^" 

One of my favorites was actually the meatballs! Ikea, please up your meatball game ok. I don't know who made them or where were these bought from, but one thing I knew was that I need more of this please. 

After filling our stomach, it was secret santa time!! Here's my secret santa that was such an amazing one because she was sitting right in front of me the entire time and I didn't even suspect one bit! I think this was a really fun activity because everyone was walking here and I got to make a few new friends along the way too ahaha

Thank you so much for the gifts Kathy!! I actually needed an eyeliner because my current one is already drying up! The Schoko-Bons were super yummy! Finished it in two days and I can't even finish a chocolate bar after 3 months!! They're super addictive, gonna go get some for myself the next time I go grocery shopping with my mimi! And I don't know why but I still think I've seen you somewhere before hahaha. It was really nice meeting you and we should go makan makan together someday!! Once again, thank you so much!! 
For my part of the secret santa, I got Mierah. It was nice meeting her during the party! Really hope she likes the gift! I'm sorry I couldn't get you much from my budget student savings though ^^" But I was shopping for christmas gifts and saw this cute egg soap so I thought it'll be a super cute gift haha. 

Here's all the goodies I got from the party! Before I start spamming photos of what I got, thank you so much Tammy for curating and giving all of us this super handy Too Cool For School travel pack! Never have I ever received so many many many (& many) samples in a day! Next I would like to thank Althea for the lovely surprise box of goodies too!! Lastly, I would like to thank Canmake Tokyo for the lovely christmas present as well! I've always been a huge fan of Canmake's lovely packaging but I've never got the chance to try out their products, so I got super excited when I saw the Canmake goodie bags on the counter when I arrived at the party haha!

We shall start with what Tammy mama got us oki. This is like the ultimate travel kit because literally everything your face needs is all in this little pouch! From skin care to face makeup to even face pampering scrub!! Love you to bits Tammy! 

I've never tried anything from Too Cool For School because I actually find their products a little bit on the pricey side so I'm excited! Seeing this pack of goodies makes me want to travel so much more! And I love the clear pouch it came with, super handy! 

By the way the tint I got was in the shade Chic Red. Usually when I travel, I bring about 5 different lip colours with me and when bringing so many does take up quite a bit of space! As you can see in comparison next to my 5s, this tint is super cute and tiny so I think with this, I can afford to bring 6 lip colours ahahah!! So travel friendly right! Have yet to try out the colour, but maybe I'll try it out on my instastory/snapchat some day!

Some other things that came in the goodie bag was a half year planner, a party pack and also a DIY scrapbook that Tammy's mama made for all of us! Thank you so so so much T v T Let's not even get started on the number of times I've asked myself how did I deserve all this while attending a party when all I wanted was to eat cupcakes and meet new friends that are into beauty blogging :') Even though I've been blogging off and on over the past few years (and going through multiple 'blog restarting') this year was actually the first time I've started engaging with fellow bloggers so it's really nice getting to know more bloggers! 

Next goodie was from Althea. I only got to know of Althea this year when they turned 1 but I have so many Althea boxes that I could build a mini Althea box tower already! I can't get enough though! Alright let's jump into what I got. I guess we can call this section 'kinda AltheaAddiction #4' la haha. So in everyone's goodie bag, we were all given one box of goodies from Althea, and everyone's boxes had different products in them! In my opinion this was super fun because even if someone opens their box first, it wouldn't be a spoiler haha! 

First thing that caught my attention was this Aloe Vera soothing gel from Nature Republic. I've seen this product everywhere but have never got to try it so I'm pretty excited in covering my head to toe in this real soon! Ann Sze mentioned how much she loves this too! So ok ok, MUST TRY and see whats the hype. 

Next thing that caught my attention from the box was this fancy bottle from It's Skin. After checking it out from Althea's site, I found out that this could help in minimizing pores! Something I desperately need because some times on my bad face days, even my pore minimizing primer isn't making me happy enough :')

Haven't been to facial in a very long time thanks to my busy college life, so this nose blackhead strip came super handy! 

I remembered when Althea gave me a cash voucher to spend on their site, I bought my girls this All in one peeling pad because it was recommended. I don't know why I didn't get one for myself so I'm happy that I could get to try it now! Thanks Santa Althea! 

More mask to contribute to my alternate sheet mask day routine! 

And more mask! I've actually tried this out before and I swear I felt like a billion bucks for 15 luxurious minutes. 

Got an under eye brightener in my box as well. 

Also got Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow pencil! I have not opened this but my friend Mandy did in the car and I think it comes with a refill! :O

This super pretty water lip tattoo tint also came in my Althea goodie box. I can't wait to try it out, the colour looks super pretty! I think 2016 is the year I'm expanding my 'red lip products' haha

Final gift I got from Santa Althea was this super funny and shy shy product. 

When I took this shot, I noticed my chipped nail and decided to "attempt to fix it" Anyways, this is Angel Factory's Under-Arm Perfume Peeling Pads. Believe it or not, I kinda find this super fun to try out, I don't know why either haha. 

Before I move onto the final gift I got from the party, did you know Althea just made shopping easier for everyone? Althea has just launched a mobile app and what's even better is YOU get RM30 off RM100 when you make a purchase using the code MOBFIRST30 via their mobile app! So don't wait any longer, time to shop shop shop because this promo will be ending on the 31st of December 2016! :) In case you don't already know, the pretty ice blue box you see up there is actually specially designed for this holiday season

Althea has came up with this super beautiful box, available in 2 designs and 3 sizes. A few days after the party, I got another parcel from Althea and I'm so happy to say that I have successfully collected ALL 3 boxes from this christmas series!! (Will blog about the other two boxes contents soon!!) 

Lastly, thank you Canmake for this lovely christmas gift! I'm not showing what's inside this yet so check back on Christmas day for a full review on this Best Collection kit from Canmake Tokyo!  

Ending this post with a selfie with Tammy! Thanks so much for having this caterpillar at your party! See you soon in more events! 


  1. What a joyous get-together this was. The beauty box is to die for. You take very good shots, I must say.

  2. Wow! So nice that you got to attend a nice Xmas party! And you have received. Beautiful box from Athea too! That's lovely! Wil check out to use the 30% off :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. i know i loved my christmas present loads... thanks and it was sure nice getting to meet another blogger friend.. hope to see you more in other events

  4. Wow thes are tons of presents and a fabulous Christmas party! Glad you've enjoyed the event, good food and lots of goodies!

  5. Omg there are alot of pressies. I'm so sad that I wasnt around to attend this. :(

  6. I honestly wanted to go...but i had already promise my friend that i would help her and her team out for Comic Fiesta...T.T so many pressies and I see the that the cute korean planner???

  7. Lovely event with happy people around, I like the setting so much :)

  8. Didn't take photo with you! Love all the gifts we get from there =D Merry Christmas!!

  9. I really want to join this but cant make it because im getting married that day. Loveee the setting and u captured it perfectly!

  10. Food looks great and you guys looked happy and enjoyed the experience a lot. Good for all of you.

  11. I need a lip serum for my dry lip. Will check this out.


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