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25 October 2016

Hey guys! Do you want to know my secret to ‘shopping affordably’? If yes, then please continue reading because this is yet another post that will save you loads of money and hassle!

Being a full time student with 0 fixed income has taught me many things over the years. One of them was shopping affordably online – specifically from a China site called “Taobao”. However, shopping from Taobao wasn’t exactly an easy task back then, even now actually so here’s my little not-so-new discovery to help you guys out! 6 years ago I’ve jumped from agent to agent for my Taobao orders, some were unreliable and some were just too costly with their rates. Thankfully when the agent I was using previously decided to quit, I’ve managed to stumble across this website called 65 Daigou which has also recently rebranded itself to ezbuy.
Long story short, ezbuy is like my saviour and my bank account’s BFF. Earlier I mentioned that shopping from Taobao directly is quite troublesome and that ezbuy saved me a lot of unnecessary troubles right? Now let me explain to you my “taobao nightmares” and how ezbuy solved them! 

01.   Language barrier

From personal experience I’ve noticed that one of the main reasons most of my friends find shopping on Taobao difficult is because of the website’s language. Taobao’s website is all in mandarin meaning when you’re searching for a specific item, you have to search it in mandarin too. Personally my mandarin isn’t all that well either so it’s great how ezbuy is able to help me quite a bit when I’m facing difficulties in figuring out what I want in mandarin.

02.   Payment method

One of the reasons why I have always relied on shopping services was because I couldn’t sign up for an Alipay account. Alipay is like your little ‘online taobao wallet’ something that got me so confused and frustrated when trying to sign up for it then in the end I gave up. ezbuy on the other hand was very easy to sign up, I fill up the registration form, wait for my SMS account verification code and viola I’m done. Also with ezbuy, I can pay for my shopping via E-banking, Manual Internet Banking Transfers, Credit card, and also ATM bank transfers

03.   Limited customer service & after sales services

Another thing with shopping from Taobao that we have to consider would be liaising with the sellers. From personal experiences, Taobao sellers ALWAYS has a tendency to either send me the wrong items or simply just lose my parcel. To the point where I’ve lost track of the number of times ezbuy has been my saviour thanks to their ‘item inspection’ service that comes inclusive with their ‘Buy-For-Me’ service. Often times taobao sellers would also take a long time to dispatch my orders and when that happens ezbuy would first help me to check with the seller numerous times then when no response was given, ezbuy would refund me my money. During ‘item inspection’ process, if the taobao seller sends the wrong item to me or sends me items with defects, ezbuy would also help me liaise with the seller for an exchange or a refund.  ^^ As you can see, I’ve been using their services since 2013 until today!

  04. Delivery Services

Actually by now I think you guys already know how spoilt I am with ezbuy right? Let me tell you one last reason I use ezbuy ok? Affordable shipping fees and sensitive air shipping availability. Sometimes when you want to ship items that falls under the ‘sensitive air’ category, Taobao won’t be able to ship it for you. Also, there are times where you’d encounter unreliable forwarders. Previously I’ve bought makeup or crafting materials that falls under this category so ezbuy came in handy because they offer a variety of delivery services catered to each of our needs! Plus, who doesn’t love low shipping rates right? :D 

Not too long ago, ezbuy has also launched this new feature called ezbuy ‘Prime’! This is the best thing ever if you’re looking to purchase bulky HUGE items. ezbuy has a section called ‘Prime’ in which you can purchase a variety of goods and have everything shipped to you from that section for only RM8.80! I mean poslaju send a small parcel also plus minus RM6 already right? Can you imagine buying a sofa and having it shipped to you for RM8.80 ONLY??

 Here’s what others has bought using ezbuy Prime!

Don’t wait any further, the fact that I’ve been using this gem for almost 4 years now should be the best reason for you to join in the fun.

Top + Skirt are from ezbuy! 
Register here and get RM15 ezbuy voucher. Now for some extra love for you guys! Use the code - ezsp15 for 15% off your shipping fee. Happy shopping! 

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