Rubi lipsticks first impressions review: Risky red, Horizon Blue, and Rum & Raisin

24 August 2016

I remember telling my friends that I've just purchased a few lipsticks from Rubi and they went
 "Huh?? Rubi got sell lipsticks meh?" 

It was my exact reaction too when I stumbled across these lipsticks while shopping at Cotton-On, Suntec City during my recent-yet-not-so-recent Singapore trip. A little shameless self-promoting, in case you haven't watched my SG travelogue, do watch it below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Now back to Rubi's lipsticks...
 When I was at the store, they only had these shades available so I grabbed all of it lol. Though if I'm not mistaken, they had 12 different shades. I threw away the packaging but I believe that each lipstick was retailed at 6$+ But I was there during sale season and got all three of the lipsticks above for a 3 for 10$ deal Now continue reading to see swatches, closeup of the product tested on me as well as my thoughts on these lipsticks :)

I got 3 shades - Horizon Blue, Rum & Raisin, and Risky Red.

Swatches of all three shades with and without flash.

Prior to trying these new lipsticks, I've made sure to use a sugar lip scrub then apply some of my favourite Burt's Bees lip balm to prepare my lips for battle haha!

Out of the three, I'd say this was the shade I was most eager to try out. Personally I don't own many fancy lip colours, so yes, this Horizon Blue lipstick was probably my most 'omg lipstick colour' in my far.

Here I am having second thoughts about my plan on doing a whole 'fun makeup look with this' lol

I'm sorry, this is a very scary photo. I apologize x100000 times but sometimes you need to do what you need to do. 

I have such a strong dislike to this lipstick I had to think twice whether or not to even do this entire review but hey, I paid 3$ for this, I'm gonna share my thoughts on it. Now I do admit, I have dry lips but because I've already exfoliated my lips, the patchiness of this lipstick is just way too much. Prior to buying this, I did swatch a tester on my hand and the blue was actually quite sheer so I don't know what is going on with this pigmentation here. If you have this and you love it, do let me know how to make it work. But for my final thoughts, it's 3$ la so haih okay lo, I'll just close an eye and forget about this ba. T_T

Next up is the colour Rum & Raisin. This is more of a plum colour. Like the Horizon Blue earlier, I did not quite like this as well but it was far more tolerable than the blue one.

I tried pretty hard to fix it's patchiness issue, though I guess there's only so much you can do to make a lipstick work. Though I do believe that I would give this lipstick another go once I get a matching lip liner. However, since I'm not exactly rajin with sharpening my pencil liners, I'll say the future of this lipstick is still undetermined.

Now this is a passing colour. Out of all three colours, this was the safest and definitely the best of all haha. I did read somewhere that the formulation of red/pink/nude lipsticks are easier to manufacture in comparison to fancy/darker colours. 

This colour here is Risky Red. I would say that this shade does have a little bit of orange tint to it. As you can see, my lips does peek through slightly over here as well. Which is probably one of the main reasons the other two shades didn't quite work out. 

So Risky Red? 3 SGD? Can la.

♡ Final thoughts time 

Packaging: 3/5
It's simple, it's fun. I do think having this mirror-like packaging does make a good makeshift mirror. I do like how we're able to see the shade of the product from the bottom of the lipstick. And am actually really happy that the colour is actually the literal colour of the product itself. (if that makes any sense) Cause I've seen lipsticks with like some plastic/sticker at the bottom to show what colour but c'mon, you know you've purchased a lipstick according to that 'colour' on the bottom of the lipstick and find out that it doesn't look like the real thing.

Formula: 2.5/5
Yes, it's creamy and pretty moisturizing. Though the formulation really makes certain colours look really bad without a lip liner. All three lipsticks do look pretty patchy on the lips, except for Risky Red because since my skin does look pinkish already, it does minimize the patchiness from afar. 

Ease of application: 3/5
Depending on the colour, you might need to use a lip liner as well as a lip brush for better application

Price: 3/5
3$ is actually pretty cheap for a lipstick seeing that Cotton-On is still a middle-price-range fashion brand. Would I have purchased it for anything more than 3$? Sorry, I don't think. Although Risky Red turned out okay, I wasn't super hyped over the results either. :/ But for a RM10 red lipstick, I have to say it is pretty good?

What I like
the colour for Risky Red

What I disliked

The formula

Super patchy on the lips

Would I repurchase?
nope, sorry :(

Thanks for reading, stay tune for my next blog update! I know I have been pretty slow with my updates, so please bear with me! I've been hauling so many products I can't wait to share what I love and dislike with you guys! 

See you guys soon!! 


  1. That pink beanie looks cute <3

  2. I was excited to see blue in action but I am as disappointed as you are. You are right about the patchiness.

  3. i like the risky red!! But the blue one is quite scary...

  4. The red and dark red is fine, but the blueeeee T_____T Seriously disappointed

  5. Oh, I was looking forward to see the blue, so disappointing indeed. How come they never do product testing before selling ka?

  6. Blue might be nice if you are going for cosplay or something... hehehe

  7. the risky red looks so vibrant and nice. Good product indeed.

  8. Risky red look so nice! The other 2 look quite unique but not as nice as how Risky Red turn out to be.

  9. yea don't think the blue suits you. thanks for the review too, give me some ideas on choosing lipstick :D

  10. girls always love lipsticks! Haven't try this brand before tho

  11. Agree, blue turned out scary but for Halloween or cosplay, guess it would be perfect. Love risky red, it's vibrant.

  12. Agree, that blue color is abit scary, perhaps for special function or themed party :)

  13. That blue color looks a little bit awkward and it seems like it will leave stain all over you later

  14. Blue lipstick? This is so cool!.... Love the colours!

  15. Actually that blue looks quite scary and weird, maybe good for halloween.


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