Getting paid to shop online? // A Sephora haul ft. ShopBack

29 August 2016

Ok ok, I get it. You must now be thinking,

“Shopping confirm drop money one, what are you talking about?”

I’m serious. Ever since I’ve discovered ShopBack, shopping online has never been friendlier to my wallet than ever. So before I reveal more about this new sorcery that I’ve found out quite some time ago, let me first share my recent Sephora haul with you makeup junkies out there. Also I’m actually really excited to write about this haul because I actually have a mixture of new products as well as some all-time repurchased over and over old favourites included! <3 If you’re interested to know how you can save while shopping online like me, make sure to read till the end! :D 

On the top left to right we have:
1. SK-II Auractivator CC Cream
2. Benefit's "that gal" brightening face primer
3. Benefit's Roller Lash mascara
4. Benefit's POREfessional primer
5. Benefit's Ka-Brow Eye brow gel

On the bottom left to right:
6. Sephora Rouge Cream R23
7. Sephora Rouge Brilliance N57 Drunk in Love
8. Sephora Rouge Cream R58 Heartbreaker

Now time for some mini thoughts on these purchases. If you’re interested to see a full in-depth review on any of these products from this haul, do leave me a comment on which product review you’d like to see!

SK-II Auractivator CC Cream: This isn’t something I use often but I thought I’d throw it in here since I did use this whenever I felt like I wanted more than just concealer on my face before I got myself my IOPE BB Cushion plus, this CC Cream was actually introduced by my aunt. This is a light-medium coverage CC Cream with SPF 50+ & PA++++ giving it protection against UVB & UVA rays. It is formulated with Day Soft Aura White and Cellumination Aura Essence which helps brightening the appearance of your skin. 

The instructions for this product is to apply 1-2 pumps of cream all over your face after moisturizing your face. By the way, cheers for a pump because who doesn’t like that extra hygiene factor right? Typically 1 pump is enough for my face so I’d say a little does go a long way as it does give a light-medium coverage. I remember hating BB/CC creams because of that dull gray-toned finish it gives but this one’s different since it does give my skin a nice glow thanks to the iridescent micro pearl pigments. I’d say the downside of this product is that I personally feel that this product isn’t so suitable for people with dry skin as it does get flaky on my skin at times when my skin is lacking moisture also this product does come with quite a hefty price tag of RM338 for 30g.

Roller Lash Mascara: This is Benefit Cosmetic’s latest mascara. This product claims that it can be used without an eyelash curler and that it’s also easy to remove. It also contains lash-conditioning Vitamin B5 and serine. I personally find this mascara quite volumizing and it does help slightly with lengthening as well. Personally I like how this product really does save your lashes. It really does curl your lashes as it claims though I wouldn’t say that it’s easy to remove. So far of all the mascaras I’ve tried, I have still yet to come across one that is easily removable. If you know one, do let me know in the comments okie! This is retailing for RM105 for 0.3oz

Ka Brow Cream Gel Brow Color: This is from Benefit Cosmetic’s newest range of brow products. Before I get on with the product, can we take a moment to appreciate how pretty these colours go with each other on the packaging? Alright back to the product. For RM110 you get 0.1 oz of product and I think this would last you for a good couple of months as you really only need a very tiny bit of product because it is pretty pigmented. This product is cream gel brow that will easily fill, sculpt & define your brows. It also comes with a custom built-in-brush. From the looks of the three eyes on the box, you can also tell that this brow gel gives you the ability to control how dramatic you want your brows to look. In other words, the colour is buildable. There are 6 different shades on Sephora’s website and the one I have here is in 3. Medium. 

Benefit’s POREfessional & “That gal” brightening face primer:
These two are actually my holy grail primers of all time. If I did not recall wrongly, I believe this is my 3rd bottle of “That Gal” and 6th tube of POREfessional. (including two 44ml ones) As to why I have two holy grail primers is because I use both of them together. Personally, I find mixing both of these primers creates the best base for my skin’s liking. It will glide onto your skin so smoothly, matte, and moisturizing as well! There was actually a period of time when I ran out of “That Gal” and didn’t feel like repurchasing because of the price and how it runs out so soon. At that period of time I have been substituting it with like moisturizers/sleeping mask etc but the effect was still lacking.

As you can see, in the end I repurchased haha. “that gal” brightening primer is retailing at RM135 for 11ml & the POREfessional primer is retailing at RM135 for 22ml. Same price but double the amount you get from “that gal”. But if you have the extra funds, I really do recommend getting both and try it. However if I were to pick one, I’d definitely pick the POREfessional primer as this primer gives me a matte finish and also minimizes my pores. Though do take note that if you’re planning to use the POREfessional primer, do make sure your skin is well hydrated as it is quite drying at times for me.

Sephora’s Rouge Shine Lipstick & Rouge Cream Lipstick – This is actually my first time getting something from the Sephora brand itself. I’d say from this entire haul, this three are the only products I have not tried out yet. The only one I’ve tried out would be the darkest maroon shade (R23) In fact the first time I had it on, I went to a pasar malam and on the second time I wore that to an exam because I was feeling so off about that paper and just simply felt like a rebel. Surprisingly, I scored an A. Super shocked and proud, I know. Also let me know if you wanna see swatches of these ok? Oh right, I nearly forgot, each of these lipsticks are sold for RM55. 

Alright now you must be dying to know how to save money while shopping online riiiiggghhhtttt? Ok, first things first, you’ll need this cool thing called a ShopBack account. What’s ShopBack? ShopBack is the top cashback and savings site. If you don’t have an account yet, register through my referral link ok! Then I can shop more and review more for you beauties out there haha! 

Registered? Oki, cool! Now all you have to do is shop from the 500+ online shopping sites partnered with ShopBack and wait for the cash back to come into your ShopBack account. After that, you can withdraw the amount back into your bank account. Then repeat. Easy right? Also another great thing I love about them is that you can actually get cash back ON TOP of discount codes. Normally it’s like you can only pick one right? From time to time you can even find discount codes on ShopBack’s website itself. If you’re interested to find Sephora Malaysia discounts do drop by this link.

 In case you don’t know, by shopping at Sephora Online via ShopBack, you get 2-8% cash back + your usual Sephora points. If you have a discount code, you can use it as well and still get the cash back! If you’d ask me, I’d say it’s a win win situation lo. So like my haul, I spent a total of RM988, with 8% cash back, that means I’d be getting RM79.04 back! Cool right ;) What’re you waiting for, hurry up, sign up now and get the best beauty dealsonline!

Thanks for reading and you can thank me later <3 Don’t forget to comment which products you’d like to see a full review on too! 


  1. Its cool that you get 2-8% cash back :D

  2. I knew right! I love to shop at shopback as well. Wait?! Sephora is now partnering with shopback?? I gonna check that out now!

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  8. I love Shopback and yes, shopping using shopback can be so rewarding as you can shop again with what you earn.... how awesome is that....

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