Candy filled thoughts #2: Me? Vroom vroom? Driving?

17 May 2016

Never have I ever imagined myself driving. You see, I'm so spoiled rotten into thinking that there will never be a day where anyone would see me holding a driving license. It literally took me an entire year to finally get my license, not because I had to retake the test or anything. Just the embarrassing fact where my procrastination and lack of confidence game was so strong to the point where I lengthened a short 3 month process to a year. 

Now now now, before you ask how did I even stretched it out to an entire year, let me tell you how unmotivated and scared I was, oki?

1. It took me forever to sign up for driving lessons (I was spoiled rotten, remember. BLESS ALL OF MY DRIVERS)
2. My driving uncle was very scary (well...not after I told him how much he scared me lol)

3. College was taking up a lot of my free time (I have poor time management ok, I'm sorry I can't handle both)

4. I had WAY TOO MANY long breaks. I literally go for 2 lessons, take a month off and forget how to drive. Continue another 2 lessons and take a 6 months break, and again forgot how to function a car AGAIN. Then all of a sudden I was super into driving like I cleared out my remaining hours during one fine semester break then my uncle set an exam date which I thought he was joking cause I still think that I'm a horrible driver but during the next lesson I found out that he wasn't joking so I had to hardcore practice every other day. 

5. Big cars scare me (especially when they just cut into my lane out of no where???)

6. I have no sense of direction

7. The raging heat from the sun is so not cute.

8. The route is super jam
but lets just say, if someone as big as a scaredy cat like me can do it, you can too

So to sum up this whole post, yeah I finally got my license on the 9th of May last week and my ultimate motivation was the urge to drive to Kepong for this dimsum I used to eat all the time lol. (but my bestie crushed my dreams cause she said that dim sum place not yummy anymore. super sad now.)

PS. No. I do not have a car, and I don't intend to drive for the next n years hahahaha bye

Until next time xoxo

- candy -


  1. Hey Candy!
    Congrats on getting that license.
    Maybe you wouldnt need it now but at least it is available when you need it next time!

  2. Hahahaha it's not me saying that but literally I realised that the dimsum you asked me to bring you is worse compare to it's branch in kuchai lama
    Kuchai lama one is heaven. Really.

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