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11 January 2016

It’s January again, meaning a whole new year filled with new surprises and challenges waiting ahead for us. Every new year people would have a set of new year resolutions in hopes of achieving them. Every achievement to every individual leads to another pinch of happiness in their life. This year, I have decided to be a more carefree person. I do not want to stress myself out with assignments but what I wish for is to be happy all year round. This means embracing life in a whole new positive perspective and be more optimistic. After all, the key to happiness is optimism! :)

Chinese New Year is around the corner and this is the best time to share wishes with your loved ones. Traditionally, we would exchange gifts that symbolizes their wishes for an auspicious year ahead with their family, friends and loved ones. With the advances in technology, people could even send their greetings and wishes via social media platforms like facebook or WhatsApp.

This year, instead of sending the typical 'Happy Chinese New Year' or  'Gong Xi Fa Cai / 恭喜发财' Coca-Cola has released a series of cans specially for the year of the Red Fire Monkey. In this series of cans, 8 different designs were introduced, each varied in images and words to portray different auspicious meanings and wishes. This comes off as a great gift for the festive season as one is able to give these Coca-Cola cans as a special customized message to their family, friends and loved ones. After all, whats better than a gift that one could appreciate as they are able to relate to it better?

The 8 different Coca-Cola Chinese New Year can designs include:

  • Abundance in wealth (财源滚滚) - decorated with pineapples, coins and gold ingots
  • Prosperity in business (生意兴隆) - double goldfish & water
  • Smooth sailing career (事业顺利) - sailboat
  • Flourish in love (情场得意) - a pair of magpies
  • Lasting youthfulness (青春常驻) - cranes, peaches & plum blossoms
  • Peace in family (合家平安) - double pair of stone lions and a gourd
  • Academic success (学业有成) - brush, ink, and paper scroll
  • Benefactors aplenty (贵人相助) - Ruyi/如意 knot, peach blossoms

huh? why and what's what???

Abundance in wealth: Have you wondered why pineapple tarts are such popular CNY biscuits? It’s like every house you visit, you're bound to come across these yummy yummy biscuits. Besides of how yummy it tastes, as a half hokkien I kinda know a few hokkien words and I guess its originated from the hokkien word of pineapple ' ông-lái ' that sounds similar to the word 旺来 which is also translated to 'fortune coming'

Prosperity in business: A double goldfish with water is the perfect design for someone managing a business as goldfishes are similar to a magnet. Attraction. They are like a form of invitation to wealth and business(Plus, they're pretty, that's why so many people wants a goldfish as a pet) 

Smooth sailing career: Sailboats are used to represent 'money boats' sailing on the calm blue sea. It's like wishing one a smooth path on their career journey.

Flourish in love: Did you know that the number of magpies within a frame signifies different meanings? Two magpies represent union in joy! This can is perfect for your loved one! If you don't have a significant other, don't worry, just give this can to your kawan-kawan that has a girlfriend or boyfriend or is married!

Lasting youthfulness: This is the perfect design to get for the older generation. For instances, cranes and peaches represents longevity and good health. This is why some Chinese birthday celebrations  you get the big pink colour 'sau pau' a.k.a longevity buns(寿桃包) 

Peace in family: A pair of stone lions could symbolize the strength it has in protecting one's family while the gourd on the other hand is an important symbol for family in the Chinese culture. This can would be perfect for the head of the family to wish them peace. 

Academic success: Long story short, as a student myself, this is a Coca-Cola can design I would give to all my friends or any relative or junior of mine taking their national exams this year haha. Its like wishing them 'Good luck on your papers!' in a cooler way than just dropping them a text message.

Benefactors aplenty: 你想要很多贵人吗?(do you want to meet many expensive people? hahaha just kidding, this Coca-Cola can design is perfect for those seeking to have many benefactors in life as the Ruyi knot symbolizes good fortune and luck

Now that we know which can represents what, wanna know another reason to share your wishes through a can of Coca-Cola? Because in our Chinese culture, the colours red and gold are lucky colours, and what is the colour theme of this set of Chinese New Year Coca-Cola series? Red & Gold

Stay tuned for an update on who I gave which can to! On the side note, all 8 of these CNY Coca-Cola cans are available in stores now so hurry up and collect all 8 designs. Don't forget to share your Chinese New Year celebration photos on facebook and instagram with the hashtag #CokeCNYmy to stand a chance to win yourselves a limited edition gift set like the one in the picture

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