Sem break- Trying out new and forgotten products

12 August 2015

It's been a while since I've blogged, very long while in fact. College was busy, as usual, assignments and presentations. Though I must say, courtesy of a friend from creative thinking class, I think I'm slowly overcoming my fear towards presentations. My closer friends in college will know how bad my fear towards presentations were. I still remember whenever a lecturer says xxxxxx assignment will have a presentation for it, I tend to go into my 'oh-god-why-no-i-hate-presentations-i-need-ice-cream' mode. Oh well, no matter how much I've overreact for presentations in the past, learning to overcome this certainly felt great.

don't get me wrong though, I still dislike presentations :')

but my presentation skills lecturer is win.

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The other day, after spending a great day with my bby from skipping jogging and having fancy breakfast to testing out all the most expensive colognes and perfumes in Sephora then having a very very tummy filling meal of steamboat, I felt a little adventurous after I got home and picked out a few new and old products to play around. Products that are either totally brand new, or products that I haven't been using lately. (which is probably everything in my cupboard because all I use now is my brown liner, brow pencil, primer, loose powder, concealer and i'm good to go) In fact, it's been months since I've used eye shadow on myself.

When my mom was in the States for business travels, I took the opportunity to browse through the net, do a little research on some of the best drugstore products that aren't available in Malaysia. I have to say, I'm not a fan of Maybelline's Great Lash mascara though I'm definitely loving the colour of this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I'd like to describe it as the perfect barbie pink lip colour I've been hunting for so long now. :')

Ever since I've started college, I haven't played around with my makeup so much. I tend to just keep it simple. I even remember telling myself that I'll wake up earlier and go to college all glam and style everyday. Well, let's just say sleep > image & comfortable > image. So without having much thoughts, I've decided to play around with my BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil palette.

What I have on here would be shades of orange in the crease, cyan on the lower lash line, white on the inner eye corner and purple on my lids. For the liner, I was using a black liquid liner I got from Daiso previously. For 5 bucks, I guess it justified its price very well. Definitely gotta repurchase my K-Palette one though. 

For the contacts, I'm currently wearing Bausch + Lomb colour cosmetic lenses, Lacelle in Jubilee Violet. Here's a pic of the lens indoor lighting with no flash

Here's a shot with flash.
I'll post up full reviews on the products I've tried as well as the Lacelle lenses soon! 

Now what I was really interested in trying was this Miracle Cleansing Water from Biore. I got this for free a couple months back in college and havent used it till today. Before trying it out for myself, I've already seen beauty bloggers and youtubers raving about how amazing this makeup remover is and I have to say, I am indeed impressed. I might actually stop using makeup wipes and switch to this instead as it's so much more effective in removing makeup. I didn't get to try it out when I was removing my usual makeup but just to see the results of this. I purposely had on foundation as well as mascara. Let's just say this makeup remover is damn good la ok. 

now if only they gave like 5 of these in a pack hahaha :') 

To sum up my post, let me welcome you my first ever bed plushie, Shy Shy. Tenks bby <3 love you :') 

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