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11 June 2015

Remember the days in primary when you'd constantly boast about sleeping late? I remember back then sleeping past 1 in the morning was a cool thing. Not in college. At least, not in my book. I'm constantly craving for the days I get to sleep at 10 now. This is when you're constantly having 2AM, 3AM and 5AM nights. Sleeping at 10 is the real cool.

Ever since stepping into college, I've slowly understood why my friends that went into January intake socialized with me lesser now. You either deal with several 5AM nights a week(only when there's like 5 assignments due on the same week) or you lose your social life. Because trust me, I ain't risking that cgpa of mine (then again I'm so bad in presentations I've probably dragged my cgpa down already la). I'll get my work done even if it means getting 0 sleep. 

Come to think of it, I guess it's really just my time management issues. I admit, procrastination suck. Why do we even procrastinate anyways. I could be lazing in bed for two whole hours on the day before the assignment submission dateline counting the amount of assignments backlog. This usually follows with me crying at the amount displayed on my fingers then just simply rolling in bed, self reflecting then getting back up and go into my "deal with it, you gotta finish this" mode. yup. life. heh. Me being someone really slow also adds as a disadvantage sigh. But I guess most of the nights when I'm literally dying with assignments I'm always blessed with food and digital guitar lives. 2AM food deliveries are win. heshteggoverblessedfatlifepls 

This week seemed more peaceful. Other than the news that I have two presentations coming up (oh the horror) and me working on a couple new assignments that I feel utter hopeless in, I guess it's a pretty decent week. I mean, I had quality bonding time with my bestie over mille crepes, that's pretty rare y'know. After all, the last two weeks really ain't my week. Assignments and homework flooded to the point where I had to go for a facial, tell me how bad is that. Can't wait for tomorrow. Insidious and ice cream's gonna be good. :3

Photography class is win cause Ley korkor takes good shots of my hair hahahahahaha

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