Visiting my dream travel destination - Day 6 in Japan: Tokyo

19 September 2017

Since primary days, before I was introduced to anime or japanese fashion/makeup, and waaaaay before I was introduced to Japanese rock bands, Tokyo has already been on the top of my bucket list for "Cities to visit". Growing up(especially during primary idk why) I would always hear my friends talk about how they spent their year end holiday in Japan. In secondary, I'll hear my cosplay friends talk about their trip to Japan to attend komiket/natsucomi (It's like comic con??). Also in secondary, I'll see friends I met on Tumblr/Twitter/Livejournal share live updates during their trip to Japan to watch Jrock lives. Who knew I'd be lucky enough to spend Christmas in Tokyo with my family. of course one day i still want to see the GazettE live in Japan la ahhaahahah

Continuing from where I left off in my Kanazawa travelogue, we traveled to Tokyo from Kanazawa the next day via Shinkansen.

First thing we did after arriving at Tokyo was to catch a train to Shinjuku station then walk to our hotel. For our stay in Tokyo we were staying at Hyatt Regency Tokyo located at Shinjuku.

 Photo above featuring my sister's leg haih. The rooms were spacious and the beds were comfy too! Similar to the past few hotels, we got connecting rooms as well for our stay in Tokyo.

minibar fridge. I don't know how but apparently the mini bar at that time wasn't cool enough so my ice cream melted. T__T (not in pic)

Can't remember if it was 7-11 or Lawson but there's a 24 hour convenience store on the first floor of the hotel so every night was like 'buy any drink/snacks you want' day.

Overall our stay at all three hotels in Japan was pleasant and cozy. Considering the size for most hotels in Japan, I guess you could say that these hotel rooms were surprisingly larger than what I expected :O

After settling down our luggage, we tried to make our way to Shibuya for dinner.

and we got really really lost. 

Though in the end we managed to make our way to Mark City at Shibuya. (lol 2015.)

We heard good things about this tonkatsu restaurant called Wako @ Mark City Shibuya so we've decided to have dinner here. The price point for this restaurant isn't exactly cheap but still alright compared to what we have in Malaysia, plus my mom's boss recommended this place (i think???) so we had to try haha.

Here's a peak on the menu (pls google for updated menu ^^")

Can't remember which set was it (since they all look the same hahaha) but the main reason we tried this place is because they serve kurobuta here. (google calls it Berkshire pig) so ya. Overall I loved the tonkatsu here so if you want to try the famous kurobuta people talk about, here's a place you could find it. I can't remember which sets we ordered but among the four, one was from their kurobuta selection. That was when I understood why people hype about kurobuta, compared to the regular pork cutlets, the kurobuta one was the more tender choice. 

simply in love with spending Christmas in Japan.

Oh and this is the day I got ffk-ed by a kawan I was suppose to meet in Tokyo hahahahahaha.

So if your friend ffk you in Japan, the trick is to just continue to shop hahahahaha jk. It was such an impromptu plan to meet up so it's ok. When we both got back to Msia all our other kawans got x2 souvenirs from Japan.

So like I mentioned from the chat above that 'we continued to shop at 109' meaning we actually left 109 and went back in to shop til past opening hours. One shop we were shopping in called "Barak" had amazing customer service. The staff was helping us style head to toe and when we've accidentally shopped past opening hours, all the escalators had stopped working, the lady brought us to the staff lift and led us all the way to the staff exit! So nice please Japan customer service T v T

After dinner + shopping at Shibuya 109, we grabbed some snacks at the convenience store at our hotel. I got myself this peach jelly. Something I never find myself ever buying in Malaysia. It's not like they don't sell it here but every time I want to get one, I just can't bring myself to spend RM5 on jelly haha.

Look at all the yummy pieces of peaches T v T

That sums up my first day in Tokyo! By the way, I'm back at Malaysia now and can't wait to finish up this JP travelogue then start my Melbourne travelogue ahahah.

Mentioned locations:

Hyatt Regency Tokyo
2 Chome-7-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan

Wako, Mark City Shibuya
Shibuya MARK CITY WEST 4F, 1-12-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043 Japan
Opening hours: 11:00 ~ 23:00 (last order: 22:00)
Tel: 03-5457-1199

Previous Japan log:

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Candy Gets Hungry #13: streats hong kong cafe at Bedok Mall

7 September 2017

Hello from Singapore! It's 2pm right now and I'm very very full from breakfast so I've decided to write about some random eateries I've recently savoured. For today, our star is this Streats Hong Kong Cafe at Bedok Mall. They're probably all over Singapore but it's my first time trying so allow me to document my experience with this random short review haha. 

Here's how the front of the shop looks like. One of the reasons why we ate here is primarily because the Bedok food court nearby was closed for cleaning (thank goodness it's opened now!) and also cause I'm staying nearby (was feeling lazy to go any further too) and craving for some decent cantonese food.

 Their wall decor has this nature cottage-theme style to it.(im so bad at describing decor, I know) Super cute teddy bears here and there too!

I think they've been opened for quite some time already but since this promotion is still on, might as well make use of it la. So for the promo, you can choose from 3 mains and you'll also get a lime tea cooler for $11.80. 

HK Fried XO Seafood Noodles

We got the HK Fried XO Seafood Noodles from the set lunch. The lime tea was a little fizzy but  also quite refreshing if you're feeling a little heaty.

If it's your first time here, I recommend getting this! I didn't order this for myself because I was afraid that it'll be too spicy for my sore throat to handle, but nope! Although the spiciness is there, it was still bearable for me and it's also pretty tasty. For an $11.80 set lunch, you get all that seafood, I think it's quite worth it la. The three prawns were big and fresh, the mussels weren't as large as the ones I had in Australia but for SG, they're quite decent in size I guess?

Seafood Vermicelli (Gravy) - 10.80$

If you're looking for a very home-cooked comfort-food-style meal, I guess you wouldn't mind this. For me, I guess because I saw the menu picture wrongly, I expected this to be more like the cantonese "wat dan hor" style noodles with thick egg gravy but it looked more like vermicelli in soup ^^" 

Probably because I was wow-ing at the XO seafood noodles, my expectations on this dish was quite up there. So when the dish arrived, I was pretty bummed out. I also felt that it was so extra for them to cut my prawns into tiny pieces?? What's wrong with serving them whole unless they're having a shortage for prawns lol. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed eating this la. T_T Should've just ordered the XO seafood noodles for myself instead of worrying about my sore throat. 

Apart from this, I've also ordered an iced milk tea for $3.80. Which tasted quite ok, not too sweet after the ice melted, so just nice. 

- O v e r a l l   T h o u g h t s -

The XO Seafood Noodles is kinda on the borderline of too salty but I still find it quite yummy. Seafood from that dish seemed pretty generous for the price and tasted pretty fresh. Definitely would re-order that if I dine there again. 

As for the Seafood Vermicelli, like I said, it's not a dish for everyone. It doesn't taste horrible, it was well seasoned and all just that presentation and overall just looked and tasted pretty meh. T_T (to be honest I think the main reason I don't like the dish is because it reminded me of those instant packet mee hoon soup you can buy in supermarkets leh *sobs*) 

I guess that's it for this posting! Bye! Gonna go stuff myself with more food I can find in Singapore now!

Streats Hong Kong Cafe

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Rd
Singapore 467360

The perfect travel setting powder: Althea Petal Velvet Powder review

27 August 2017

" Inspired by the Korean Althea petals, the Petal Velvet Powder gives a silky smooth finish unlike any other "

H e l l o o o o !

Couple days ago, I shared a review on Althea’s GorgeousMatte Box, and today I’m back again with another Althea review. This time round it’s a little different as I won’t be reviewing a variety of K-beauty products that’s available on Althea, instead I’ll be reviewing Althea’s very firstproduct!! When I first got the e-mail about the news I was waiting eagerly to try the product and after testing it out for a couple days, here’s what I think about it!

* d r u m r o l l s *

So here's Althea's first ever product, the Petal Velvet Powder. When I received the PR package of this product from Althea I only had one word to describe it: cute! Just like the matte box I received from them, I had to put this aside and wait til my final exhibition was over to try it T.T Thank goodness the wait is officially over! Like all my other reviews, I'll share my thoughts on the product and also show you guys some photo try-ons! 

So a brief introduction: 

1. It is a translucent loose powder
2. It provides sebum control
3. It is made using natural ingredients from Korea
4. It's cruelty free!
5. The powder is lightweight
6. It comes with a 13mm puff
7. It's affordable (probably the cheapest legit loose powder I've ever came across.)

This Petal Velvet Powder contains three main ingredients: Althea, Polyphenols, and Saponarin.
Althea flower seed extract contains natural antioxidants that will help keep your skin hydrated.
Polyphenols helps in sun protection.
Saponarin contains anti-ageing properties as it helps repair skin cells.

The powder is retailing for only RM16 on You get 3g of product which I feel is not a lot but still quite a decent amount for that price. You can purchase is HERE.

The loose powder will come in this square box. The square box design is based on their classic pink Althea box, so it’s kinda like a mini version of it! As for the product itself, the packaging is simple but sturdy at the same time. (let me remind you this is only retailing for RM16!) I personally like how they used a frosted fake-glass(plastic) for their packaging cause it looks more high end that way ahahaha! As the size of it is quite small, I find it really convenient for travel.

 When I was opening this sticker seal, I noticed that the sticker states a 30 day unconditional return guarantee! In case you don't know or forgot (like me), this policy applies to all your Althea purchases! Shows how much they care about their customers!!

You get the puff, lid, and the product. 

Figured this might help let you estimate the size of this product.

13mm puff closeup~ paiseh am actually very into frosted glass omg T v T (this is plastic btw!)

As you can see the translucent powder is white but blends out to nothing.

Enough with the long talk, for more info on Althea's Petal Velvet Powder, you can read it under their product description here. It's now time to show you guys the results of this product!

Here's my face condition at the moment. The acne scars are still there but it's definitely in the process of healing in comparison to my previous matte box review post. So here's a naked bare face. To test out the pore minimizing effect from the powder, I've tested this powder with Aritaum's Pore Master Gel primer because that primer did not blur my pores out at all. 

Here's after applying a sheer layer of low coverage BB Cushion + Althea's Petal Velvet Powder. I wasn't planning on going anywhere when I wanted to test it out but I guess you could say I did sweat a little as I tested it by running around three rooms to pack for my trip without any air condition (and I'm actually typing this at 2AM in Singapore right now lolol) Not sure you can tell but I'm actually really amazed by their pore blurring effect. I did not use a pore minimizing primer and this actually helped minimize my pores?? The best thing is that it did not give me any breakouts the next day either!! and it's RM16 please. 

Here's my face after 4 hours of packing. I do see some shine peeking through but that's fine. After 4 hours of packing I'm quite surprise that the shine was minimal. Given if I was using my all time go-to Chanel translucent loose powder, I've already turned into a full blown reflector lol. 

so I guess by now you guys know which translucent loose powder I brought with me for my trip hahahaha. 

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, I’m really liking this product. I love how fine the powder is and how it helped in blurring my pores. I have really huge pores so if a primer/powder helps in minimizing the looks of it (like Benefit’s Porefessional) that product will definitely win a place in my heart. Asides of that, I’m really liking the travel friendly size too. All this while I've always brought my bulky Chanel loose powder for my travels! 

I do wish that in the future Althea would release a larger version of this powder as it does take a while for me to apply it all over my face. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about is the floral scent it came with. It wasn't a huge turn off as it didn't irritate me or anything after I apply it so this product is definitely something I'd recommend trying if you don't mind flowery scents. I mean, it's RM16 la so just give it a try also won't hurt your bank too bad haha. As for me, I'll definitely repurchase this. If they release a bigger version with a milder scent, I'll definitely be jumping for joy.

That's it for my review on Althea's Petal Velvet Powder. Hopefully you guys find this review helpful and if you've tried this, let me know what you guys think about it. Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know! 

On the side note, I'll be in Melbourne & Singapore for the next few days, so if you're interested to see what I'm up to, check out my insta-stories! 

S a y o n a r a ! 

*This product is sent to me for a review but all opinions stated above is 100% mine.*

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