It's Skin Avocado High Nutrition mask sheet review

12 December 2017

Annyeonghaseyo~ My aunt recently went to Korea and I guess she did quite a bit of K-Beauty shopping over there. When she came back, she brought home a bunch of different facial sheet masks so I took the liberty to snag a few to try out for myself hohoho. For today I'll be sharing my first impressions and review on this Avocado High Nutrition sheet mask from It's Skin.

Here's the front. A very typical sheet mask packaging la haha.

I was quite surprised to see english on the back though. Usually most of the products I get directly from Korea only has Korean on it's packaging. I'm glad that brands are more aware of their overseas customers now :D

Size of the mask fits my very round face pretty nicely. Just that the sides of my wide nose cannot be covered completely :(

Compared to other sheet masks, the material of this sheet mask from It's Skin is on the thicker range. The sheet mask is well soaked in product but not overly-drenched to the point where essence would start dripping when I take it out of the packaging.

How I use sheet masks:
01. Cleanse my face with cleanser
02. Apply toner onto my face
03. Sheet mask ON!
04. After 10-20minutes, rub the remaining essence all over the face + neck area.
05. Remaining skin care routine like moisturizer and serum etc

Overall, some pros to this sheet mask is that it has a very very faint scent to it. I don't know how avocados smell like but I'm glad that this mask does not contain any heavy chemical scent like some sheet masks do. I'll let you be the judge if this is considered as an instant skin improvement, but this sheet mask does leave a very slight healthy natural glow on your skin after using. Only downside for me is that the mask also left a slightly sticky finish on the skin.

I'm not sure how much this retails for but if you ask me if this mask is something I'll die die repurchase? Probably not. Though if this range of sheet masks are on sale, I might try out other types of sheet masks from It's Skin.

There goes my review! Hope it helps ya'll! 

Affordable and yummy sushi - Sushi no Midori Review at Shibuya Mark City - Day 7 in Japan: Shibuya, Tokyo

30 November 2017

Hello minna(everyone)!Another continuation of my Japan trip is finally here! This time I’m dedicating the entire post to a sushi restaurant we visited called Midori Sushi. As this was the only sushi place in our Japan itinerary, I had nothing to compared to but one thing for sure is that Sushi no Midori at Shibuya Mark City definitely checks the affordable-moderate price + super yummy check box.

Although we heard that Midori Sushi was good and pretty popular, I honestly wasn’t prepared to be greeted by a queue half an hour before it’s opening hour. 

Quickly got our number and joined the waiting game

Soon this became my view. Look at the long line of 低头族 HAHAHA. Not sure if there’s been any expansion now, but two years ago during our visit, the shop wasn’t that big and seating arrangements were rather cramped. Despite getting number 22, we didn’t make it for the first seating session. I can’t remember exact figures but I guess we queued for about an hour or less? It wasn’t too bad la, definitely worth the wait. Psst. one of the perks when it comes to travelling in a group is that while my sister and I were starving and queuing, my mom and aunt got to check out the Fancl shop in Shibuya T v T 

When we were finally seated, we were so tempted to order the entire menu lol. In the end we ordered two assorted sushi sets: Various sushi assortment set with soup (800yen), and Ultimate Sushi-assortment set with soup, chawanmushi, and crab-paste salad (2000yen). Other than the two sets with soup, we also ordered some ala-carte 4-pcs sushi, and a hugeeeee chawanmushi. 

Here's a link to their menu(scroll down). 

Told you it was huge. This chawanmushi was literally palm size, perfect to be shared among 3-4 pax. I don't know the price and not even sure if this is even still on the menu LOL. But if you do visit, you could try asking I guess?

My chawanmushi photos are so bad. I'm sorry, I think I'm more suited for eating than photography ahahahaha.

If the size wasn't woooooow enough for you, this happens to be one of the tastiest chawanmushi I've had too. 

Chawanmushi and crab paste salad that came with the 2000yen set. At this point ya’ll must be thinking i'm exaggerating already la but I swear this was the best salad I’ve ever had lol. I think my favourite salad topping is officially crab meat.

I was pretty sure only two sets came with the soup but they gave us 4 bowls. Needless to say I love love love this soup too. 

2,000 yen sushi platter set. (comes with chawanmushi + soup + crab paste salad)

800 yen assorted sushi set. (comes with soup)

Ok, please don’t ask me to describe how happy I felt eating all this sushi hahaha. I don’t exactly know how to describe cloud 9 unless I'm writing fanfiction. I only know that as someone whom is not into raw fish, that was the only day in the past 20 years where I’ve had more than 3 pieces of raw fish entering my system. So if that’s not a good enough reason for you to add this place to your “sushi places to visit” in Japan, I don’t know what is la. At this point we were already very very very full and totally forgot about our 4pcs ala-carte sushi. (they took a while to serve these)

I wonder who ordered all these extrassssss. Most probably me and my "How often do you think we'll get to eat sushi in Japan, go big or go home yo!" 

Ya. Most probably me and my greed la :')

California Roll, 4pcs - Avocado, tuna, crab, flyingfish roe, red leaf lettuce (425yen)

Conger eel and cucumber roll, 4 pcs - Conger eel, cucumber, egg, dried gourd shavings (300yen)

Scallion and Tuna roll "Super negitoro", 4 pcs - fatty tuna & leek (500yen)

Norway Roll, 4pcs - Salmon, Cucumber, crab, red leaf lettuce (400yen)

Red roll, 4 pcs - Salmon, Salmon roe, flyingfish roe, cucumber (400yen) 

Out of the 5, the Red Roll has gotta be my favourite. The shop was so generous with their ikura and the feeling of ikura roe bursting in your mouth is just so so so good! T v T Someone please tell me where can I eat so much ikura at this price in Malaysia T_T

♡ Overall rating: 7.5/10 

Taste: 8.5/10
Waiting time: 4/10
Price: 8/10
Presentation: 6.5/10

Personal recommendations: Red roll, crab paste salad, giant chawanmushi, and any of the assorted sushi sets

Honestly I really loved everything I ate except for the unagi roll. That's because I generally don't enjoy all the tiny edible bones that comes along with the 'unagi package' so yeah. My best advice if you wanna try this place out is to go early and have brunch there like us. That way you don't waste your time queuing for long hours. 

Sushi no Midori has several branches in Japan but here's the address to the one I visited.

Sushi no Midori, Shibuya

Address: 1-12-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mark city East 4F
Tel: 03-5458-0002
Business hours: 11AM - 10PM

This sums up my review on the one and only place I had sushi in Japan T v T. I will be finishing up my long postponed Japan travelogue real soon, so stay tuned because I have an interesting story on how anime actually helped me out during this Japan trip lolol. 

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Clumsy me and my first chinese orthopaedic treatment

26 November 2017

Hello everyone! I've recently injured my foot and visited a Chinese acupuncture for treatment so here's my two cents on how it went :')

Before I begin hor, I know traditional chinese orthopaedics are pretty common but ya girl here grew up watching a lot of Hong Kong TVB dramas and they tend to portray traditional orthopaedic treatments rather...aggressively lol. So bear with me as I describe this from a scaredy-cat first timer pov.

Long story short, one night I couldn't sleep so I was playing Naruto Blazing on my bed quietly. As I was about to sleep, I wanted to put my phone on the table and because I was sitting with my legs crossed for a long period of time, my left foot started to get pins and needles(feeling numb). So despite fully aware that my left foot was numb, my brain was also quite dumb to decide that "ok let's have the left very numb foot get off the bed first instead of the perfectly fine right foot!" 

The minute I placed pressure on my left foot, it immediately lost balance and twisted itself. Nice. So after that, I limped over to the table, place my phone there, got back to bed and sleep. As my foot was still numb, I didn't feel much pain. Unfortunately, next morning my foot was hurting so bad that my aunt decided to bring me to a traditional Chinese Orthopaedic for treatment. Normally if I sprain my leg or anything I tend to ignore it and let it heal on it's own but I still had some errands to run so I decided to give it a try.

During the treatment, it was hilarious. As I grew up watching shows featuring how chinese orthopedics fixed dislocated bones and acupuncture therapy, I was prettyyyyyyy skeptical. The minute the doctor started inspecting my foot I immediately grabbed on my mom's shirt in prep that he would twist the ankle and all will be good again.

Only thing was, that didn't happen lol. No matter how he turned, nothing seemed to hurt HAHAHA. It only hurts when I walk or when the orthopaedic pressed on my nerve. Meaning I only injured a nerve and its a small matter la, so I guess that was good news???

Sooooooo for treatment, he poked two needles on my hand and continued inspecting my foot. I wasn't afraid of needles but when you have two needles standing on your hand for a couple of minutes, extracting it was quite painful leh. After further inspection he said "ok, wrong nerve" lmao. As I never intended to get any acupuncture treatments, I asked if I could just get the medication instead of the painful acupuncture process.

I know I'm weak, okay???

Luckily the doctor wasn't some scary old man. Instead of poking me with another larger needle, he grabbed some small wooden stick (kinda looks like the skipping rope holder actually) and massaged the side of my hand where the connecting nerve was supposed to be. If I didn't recall wrongly this was called 松根 relief the nerve(?) After that he applied the medication on my foot, wrapped it, and I went home.

Here's my foot for a day. Doesn't it remind you of those fruits wrapped in that little net-like thing HAHAHA.

Overall I guess it was quite the experience la. If you ask me, I guess I wouldn't mind visiting a traditional chinese orthopaedic for that nerve relieving process again but no thanks to acupuncture. I'm honestly too weak for acupuncture haha. I literally can't imagine how people get acupuncture treatments on their face and back when I couldn't even bear two tiny needles on my hand T_T

Right now it's been a week after the treatment and honestly I don't know if it helped? I think the "nerve-relieving" process did help slightly but the medication applied later on didn't seem to do anything. Can't tell if it's the treatment or natural recovery la but my foot is definitely less painful now. Initially it was so bad that if I try putting a lot of weight on my left foot, the piercing pain would be so bad that I'd lose balance! Well anyways, it's recovering now so until next time!!

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